viagra online

While you are still advised to get your doctor’s approval before starting treatment with Viagra, you no longer have to. There are tons of online Viagra shops to choose from – and there are very few that ask you for a prescription. Those that do are usually US-based and offering brand-name Pfizer Viagra only. The rest, however, give you a huge selection of both brand-name and generic Sildenafil based ED remedies – all at prices that are even lower than just affordable.

How come a Viagra online pharmacy can offer you Sildenafil at a price 10 or even 20 times lower than the one you are used to seeing in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or wherever else you shop for Viagra? Well, that’s very simple, in fact. Most of these online pharmacies are based abroad – in countries where Pfizer’s patent for Sildenafil as an ED medicine is no longer valid. Thus, they can offer you Sildenafil from other manufacturers – most very old and reliable. These manufacturers don’t spend billions on marketing and distribution and market pressure techniques like Pfizer does, so… They really can sell top-quality Sildenafil at prices between $1 and $3 a pill and still make great profit off it!

Men still need a prescription for the diamond-shaped blue pills. But instead of going to the pharmacy in person, or taking their chances buying from an online pharmacy of unknown repute, men will be able to buy Viagra from the maker of the drug itself and have it shipped to their homes. Viagra is a frequent target of counterfeiters. And a slew of online pharmacies tout cut-price Viagra. But people who buy drugs online are “playing Russian roulette,” Matthew Bassiur, a Pfizer security specialist told The Associated Press. Still, the hefty price of Viagra won’t change. And many insurers don’t cover it. Add in the embarrassment factor, and you start to understand why many men have preferred to buy Viagra online, even before there was a manufacturer-authorized way of doing so.

To be clear, Pfizer isn’t getting into the pharmacy business. The CVS drugstore chain will take care of processing and fulfillment. Still, the direct form of selling from a Pfizer website is quite a departure from the typical way that prescription drugmakers go about their business. Pfizer says this company-sponsored approach offers two advantages. Men who are embarrassed about going into a pharmacy to fill a Viagra prescription won’t have to. The official website will also give online shoppers confidence that the Viagra they’re getting is legitimate.

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